Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Answering Some Questions...

After my recent lock-down post, I got a personal email that asked a lot of question about my rubber life, that I thought others may find interesting in the future.  I have summarised the questions below and made an effort to address all the points, but these are really big subjects for me, so think of it as what was on the top of my mind.


Q. “How many years have you been conditioning yourself for this?”.  


That’s really tricky to answer as I am conditioned to try not to dwell on any time before the conditioning!  Also, its not like I started with a Big Bang of all components of conditioning.  To some extent, I could answer that all my adult life has been a gradual journey to my current fetish-oriented state, but maybe that’s a bit glib.  So i had to do a bit of digging through my records... so to add some key dates:


I started a regular, formal and structured approach the my physical endurance (adaptation/tolerance/conditioning) to total enclosure in rubber at the end of 2004.


Over the next months and years I quickly started to come up with mental constructs to help me achieve my goals, such as rules and things i called “mantras”. Often repeated ideas or rules that reinforced my objectives.


In 2008, i formalised this further with some “Golden Rules”.   


I had long been interested in self-conditioning or self-hypnosis, but sometime around 2012 to 2014 I stepped up to the regular use of hypnosis techniques as part of my daily routine.   Now, whenever practical, I have an audio conditioning track repeating on my headphones for the entire time I am in rubber.  Its running right now.  I also have separate induction tracks and others I use for specific situations.  So to my mind, 2014 is pretty much year zero and before that a foreign country I no longer inhabit.

Q. “Are you still time locking youself?”

I do still lock myself in, with a time element to the release.  I am not 100% consistent and don’t think I have the perfect system yet, but I do feel a LOT happier when  the decision to be in rubber is out of my hands.  

Q. “What kind of sexual stimulation are you allowing yourself?”


I have experimented over the years with electro and vibrators, but never used the Venus 2000 you mentioned, although they look very interesting.


Q. “I found your latest post!  Delighted, and wish that I could have been rubber-socially isolated as long as you have been!  I love how you describe your life in filtered existence.  Dumb question, are you sleeping in full rubber with gasmask filter?  It makes total sense to protect yourself at all costs. 

This gives many good reasons to be fully protected.“

My hermetically sealed existence, where I can have more control over exposure to the potential dangers outside my rubber skin, was becoming significant in my mind years before lock-down.  I was both excited by the idea, while also being worried about the potential for a long-term negative effect on my immune system.  Perversely, lock-down has simplified my thoughts on the subject.  My rubber and mask is keeping me safe from everything outside, including the Covid-19 virus. Spending any time out of the house and out of rubber is now a planned and quickly executed activity, with a very strong desire to return to rubber safety.


Sadly, when at home, I do not routinely sleep  in full rubber with gasmask & filter, at the request of my partner.  This is a major compromise that I make very reluctantly. 


When working away from home (before lock-down) it is a 100% rule I must sleep totally enclosed.


That last 10% of coverage (the nose/mouth) is 90% of the challenge and can seriously affect sleep.  When exhaustion becomes a problem, I sometimes relax the rule on being sealed by a face mask when sleeping (although hoods are still mandatory!).


Going forward, I might force myself to wear the mask when away from home.  I am not likely to sleep well without a mask!


Q. “How are you dealing with bodily functions?


I have a pretty well-developed system for urination.  It quite complex, but a simplified explanation is I wear the delightfully titled “pissing pants” under my outer layer, with a tube that exits via a reinforced grommet in the outer layer(s).  The pissing pants are similar to (but not quite the same as):



This can be connected to a collector bag or just left as a tube with a valve.  The valve is my usual arrangement and means I stay totally sealed until I need a piss and then I feed the tube into the toilet bowl and open the valve and relieve myself, in the knowledge the water trap is keeping me sealed.  As soon as I am finished, the valve is closed and tube retrieved.  Like having a very long, very thin rubber penis!  


The pissing pants can be worn as the first layer or over other things (e.g. sheath pants).  And this is where the explanation can get complicated, but hopefully you get the idea.


“Solids” is only a problem for me if going more than 24 hours, which is not a daily routine thing for me.  However, when I do go 24+, then I use diarrhoea treatment to temporarily suspend bowel operations.  This works much better than you might imagine as long as I manage my nutrition to not cause abdominal discomfort.  As nutrition in these situations is liquid in form, delivered by a tube, this is actually easy to achieve and could work for several days if necessary, but not much longer.  If 24+ was a regular thing, I would need to put more effort into solving the “solids” problem in other ways.  For now it is an interesting academic exercise and interested in ideas like automated plumbed in enemas etc.


Q. “Have you ever found a gasmask that has a microphone that sounds natural on the phone?


Talking on the phone for work has NOT been solved.  I just take off my mask (but MUST leave my hood on) for the duration of the call.  It’s more a case of confidence than anything.  I must feel 100% confident there is no hint of being masked in my voice.  I have some thoughts but would love to hear from anyone who has cracked this problem.



Q “How long are you enclosed at a time?” . 


Let’s talk about my day-to-day life rather than longer sessions.  I always decide the duration before dressing and have rules that set the time.  There is also a general rule that once totally enclosed, it’s mandatory for me to stay sealed in for an absolute minimum of 6 hours, to keep to the physical part of my conditioning.  This has to be considered before dressing in rubber and if I know I won’t be able to spend 6 hours in rubber, I am not allowed to be totally enclosed.  There is very little discretion here and only a handful of serious circumstances allow me to vary from this.  This 6-hour minimum is mainly to break any mental link between being totally enclosed and a (normal length) sex session.  It reinforces that being sealed is a way of life where I spend long periods sealed on a regular basis.  Being sealed in does have an important sexual component for me, and I am likely to achieve sexual climax at some point. However orgasm is not compulsory, but being in rubber is mandatory!  This minimum limit helps in these objectives.


However, this is very much a minimum and I would usually set a longer target (ahead of time), which will depend on real-world rubber-incompatible commitments.  Again, I have specific programming to help be set the time, which essentially boils down to the rule that I MUST be totally enclosed in rubber where there is not a permitted reason not to be.  Over the months and years my time in rubber has varied significantly due to all sorts of external factors.  If you averaged the last few months out, when I am not travelling, I imagine a typical day would be to spend about 7 or 8 hours totally sealed, where significant rubber-incompatible “real-world” commitment exist, and about 12 hours when they don’t.  It’s been the exception to spend more than 15 hours in rubber recently.


Given that I have always aimed to spend as much time in rubber as I can and I have been acclimatising to the life for many years, the above times may sound disappointing.  But you have to imagine that MOST days are spent like this.  When the “stars align” and where there are weeks where there is no permitted reason not to be in rubber, I have to be prepared for the fact that my conditioning mean I would HAVE to spend 6 to 15 hours each and every day, totally enclosed in my rubber skin, for days or weeks on end.  Anyone who has tried it will tell you this is a totally different world to the occasional long session.   Weeks like this are rare, but can be VERY challenging when they occur.  They can also be unbelievably satisfying.


Q. “Do you still find poppers a way to enhance your existence?


Yes.  But only when they contain proper popper Amyl Nitrite, which I have to buy from Europe.  This might not be possible once UK exits this transitional period with EU.  I find the side-effects of other formulas to be seriously worrying.


Q “Are you still suffocating as well?  Is breath control still part of your life?”.


Absolutely.  Rebreathing is part of my life, but not a mandatory part of my enclosure.   Rebreathing is an essential part of the tool bag, but often gets in the way of performing beyond the sexual arousal aspect of the life (for example, it’s difficult to work when you are gasping for air). I also typically would either use poppers or rebreather, but usually not both at the same time. 



Q “Do you still feel that 24 + hours is difficult, or have you overcome those feelings?”. 


No, for me 24+ is not possible on a regular basis, but mainly for non-physical reasons. I feel it would be possible to engineer a way past the physical challenges to enable you to stay totally enclosed for (for example) 23/24 365.  But the more difficult challenges would be both the real-world commitments and psychological reasons brought about by extreme social isolation.  Someone would have to live in some sort of self-contained retreat with others who could share and support to start to get past these issues.


Q. “Do you still orgasm?  Or have you  made yourself stop stimulating?  Can you remain in rubber after orgasm?  And is it pleasant to recharge?”. 


Interesting questions!


Yes I do allow myself sexual stimulation often resulting in sexual release, although I also go through periods of experimented in “ruining this” with chastity devices.  Sort of see-sawing around this topic at the moment and not come to a conclusion.


A significant factors is I find it MUCH easier to have happy and comfortable experience when totally enclosed in rubber if I am sexually aroused.  While in this state, I have a very strong feeling I could only be less comfortable if I were to break the seal.  I just feel I must be totally enclosed when aroused.  As such, if I am going to want to be a happy prisoner while locked into my rubber, it helps to delay my orgasm for as long as I can.  Pre-orgasm is just the most delightfully motivated phase, although it has a flip-side of the sexual frustration which can eventually manifest itself as something like an aching agony of sexual tension. I happen to be just masochistic enough to enjoy this aching!


However, given I spend a significant part of my waking life in rubber, orgasm is likely to happen at some time while I am totally enclosed.  Especially as, when I am sexually aroused, I usually find it easier to spend time in rubber.  Orgasm is not mandatory for a rubber session, but typically happens at some point.  I have an ongoing program of experimenting with chastity devices, but not found quite the right balance yet.  That balance must allow getting satisfactorily towards the edge while reliably preventing ejaculation.


After orgasm I think many people feel a need to remove rubber, especially masks, and I suffered from this complaint, especially when starting out.  To get around this, I have a simple rule system as part of my conditioning that kicks-in postcoital.  For a start, I have already pre-planned how long I will spend in rubber today, before I started, sometimes expressed as a minimum time. If I orgasm after this period has expired, I am conditioned to never remove my rubber for a minimum 30 minutes postcoital.  The idea here is that I used to find the first 10 to 20 minutes of “refractory period” as the time when I have an urge to remove my rubber.  There was a very strong feeling for the first few minutes but faded to a manageable level well before 30 minutes were up.  The upside is this practice provided me with a mechanism to break my association of orgasm followed by the immediate removal of mask etc.  The downside is that when I reach the 30-minute minimum, I often have no desire to remove my rubber, and sometimes find it close to impossible to force myself to undress and get on with my chores! Far nicer to stay sealed in for a bit longer than face what is outside my rubber world…





Friday, June 05, 2020

Quick Question: Comfortable With Lockdown?

Does lockdown affect someone who has been living for years locked into totally enclosing rubber?

I am well past the point of remembering why I must be totally sealed in rubber all day, whenever possible. I only know that I am well-conditioned to live this way whenever it is physically practical and socially acceptable.  The physical conditioning and adaption were an essential pre-requisite to being able to wear rubber for long periods, but the mental conditioning was the key.  A key that locked me into the apparently permanent need to be totally enclosed in rubber at every opportunity, for as long as I can.  The strength and simplicity of my conditioned dependency allows me to detach myself from the “why” and look at things as someone who just “is” living a good deal of time totally enclosed.

Living as I do is not without challenges, but I am not going to list them all here.

I think the most difficult challenge of total enclosure lifestyle for me has been social isolation.  Most of society (in my locality) is prejudice against rubber clothing in general and men dressing in anything that could be interpreted as a sexual way.  As an aside, I observe that for many this rule does not apply to women to the same degree, but there are too many things to discuss on the reasons for this to cover here.  Back to the point: the way that I and many others deal with this is to not engage with general society while in rubber.  Thus, the challenge is that the longer you spend totally enclosed in rubber, the longer you spend socially isolated.  Despite many being “comfortable with our own company             “, I would imagine most of us ultimately are affected by long periods of social isolation.  This could be both because it affects what we can do in public (e.g. travel, exercise…) and also at some point we need some degree of social interaction.

With my lifestyle I quickly became socially isolated years ago.  It effectively defines one of the barriers for how much time I can spend in rubber.  I became something to be aware of, manages and come to some sort of crazy balance with.

So does lockdown affect someone who has been living for years, socially isolated while locked into total enclosure?  I obviously don’t really have way of being objective to compare my experience with those of other people, as I only live one type of life.  However, within my experience, I would say it definitely DOES affect me.  I allocate a proportion of my life to cramming in all the things I cannot do when totally enclosed in rubber and, in lockdown, what I can do in that time is totally different.  So it must affect me. 

Am I able to cope with lockdown better than most people?  I would say yes. as social isolation is in no way new for me, just a bit more extreme and prolonged during lockdown.

There is another way that lockdown affects me.  The Covid menace allows me to detach even further from the “why I do it” and I can become an interested bystander.  A self-submissive part of me excels.  Being totally sealed now makes perfect sense, and my masked and filtered/treated air supply becomes a necessity to help try to avoid infection.  I can allow myself to think questioning thoughts like, “why am I in this total enclosure” and “can I take it off”, knowing that the answer will be that after all this time, this is not the time to consider breaking my rubber seal for a millisecond longer than necessary.  I now know I will want to be totally sealed due to both my conditioning and my dread of the alternative. 

What options do I have, right now, today?  Well in my mind, the only option in town is to stay safely sealed in rubber for the rest of the day.  My rubber skin will try its best to protect me from everything outside.  This gives me a warm feeling.


Thursday, December 19, 2019

This blog is snooze mode, but not actually dead

A possible au revoir, but maybe not a final goodbye after 4 and a half year break?

As you will know, the blog is no longer regularly updated, but kept mainly for historic interest only.  The aim of the blog became a way of charting my thoughts when transitioning to a rubber oriented lifestyle where the objective is to be sealed in rubber head to foot for significant periods.   However the original aim was to aid/encourage/force myself to spend ever more time in rubber through publicly setting myself ever grander targets.  Once I proved to myself that such an existence was both achievable and desirable, the blog became less important.  I never found it easy to write these things and so the blog steadily became a chore with little pay-back.  I don't really know why I kept on posting as long as I did.  What feedback I got was mainly via eMail message or via social media, so little direct dialogue or constructive discussion was hosted by the blog, which is a pity as it might have been a reason to keep up the effort.   I do still occasionally get people commenting on my blog, but it always was a rare, if welcome, event.

There is a reason why social media (micro-blogging) replaced much of what was once hosted on blog sites.

So, i don't imagine I will be putting up frequent or long post going forward.  I have probably said most of what I wanted on the practical and physiological challenges of living in totally enclosed in rubber, plus how they can be overcome.  Hopefully I have made the point that the practical side is the easiest side to deal with, just requiring a problem solving and methodical mind-set.  As I have said, I think physiological challenges are more to do with the societal attitudes to totally enclosed people and until this changes, it presents the larger challenge.  I will say that I think things will change.  The direction of travel is that society will one day be more accepting of people and their differences.  Who knows how long that will take?  I don't!

When I think on it, this post summarises most of everything I have written here, in a short space.  For those who want to wade through the long journey of adopting a totally sealed lifestyle, the rest of the entries are here for you to read.  I may put occasional updates here, but promising nothing as I don't know that I will have anything much I feel the need to share.

On thing I want to share is that I am happy I tried to live my own way and encourage those who would want to live their way.


Monday, October 26, 2015

A quick update on my situation. A sort of reflection. Nothing new and most of this will sound familiar and even repetitive, but occasionally I think it is important to reaffirm how things work for me, or allow the reader to see show how things have sustained…

I am often locked into my rubber on a daily basis (like now as I type this message). The trick for me is to remove the control enough to make you feel securely locked in but also deal with the need to be able to get out at some point, no matter what events unfold.

In simple terms, I use a time-locked safe to keep my keys in, which means I am locked in until the pre-set time goes off. Of course I have a plan B in case of emergencies, like the safe batteries failing or a some other need to get out of my rubber early. However, it is important to me to ensure that I will not want to activate Plan B on just a mere a whim where I just want out of my rubber captivity for a non-emergency reason. As such, I always try to make Plans B as unpalatable as possible. Thus, right now, I still have over 7 hours of forced encasement to go, but this is actually psychologically a much better option for me than to active plan b or c, both of which entail a high risk of public humiliation, especially if activated before nightfall.

Being locked into my rubber is an essentially part of my routine, but it is only the physical manifestation of my conditioning and hypnosis. As time goes on I have become more and more dependent on regularly spending long periods locked in rubber in order to feel "right" or "myself".

This has been going on for so long, I feel like I am getting to point where I am starting to condition myself "out the other side". Part of my conditioning towards my desired state means I am finding it difficult to remember what it was like before I was conditioned. It’s now difficult to answer what was going through my mind to motivate me to want to be conditioned to need to spend all this time locked in total rubber enclosure. There are conditioned thoughts that are very clear to me which tend to drown out all others; I know for certain I did follow a course of conditioning to achieve a rubber oriented lifestyle, I know I now I feel the need to be regularly locked in rubber all day more than ever and I know that once I am locked in, the feeling or relief is profound and I deeply love the experience. I only wish that I was not affected by mundane world commitment and I could spend even more time in rubber!

I have no idea if it would be better to remember my previous behaviour / pattern of life... But even thinking that puts a smile on my face for some unknown reason!

Most of my conditioning has been "self-inflicted", but I have also had help from fellow enthusiasts and even (self-styled?) professional hypnotists. My general mode these days is listening to recordings of hypnosis / self-hypnosis. I am far from an expert on the subject, so interested to hear anyone else’s experiences in this area. I have noted that there is huge variation in what works subtly and what works with surprising power, although I do not always understand the reasons behind this. Although this all generally directed towards achieving my ambitions, it is also worth noting that I have found it quite possible to achieve a sort of whole being orgasmic experience, but just the power of hypnotism (while being totally enclosed in rubber). All this and yet I would suggest I am not the idea hypnosis patient. I find I have had to work at being receptive to hypnotism. Of course, it helps when it the message is reinforcing what you want to believe.

So where am I going? What am I evolving into? With the deliberately installed doubt I have about my memory of the journey so far, I cannot be 100% sure if there was a intended destination or direction. My memory says it was as simple as spending as much time totally enclosed as is practical (I am paraphrasing here as there is huge mantra defining what this means that covers all the boring practical & daily aspect etc) and setting about shaping my whole personal life & career to support me in this aim. But was there hidden objectives in addition to this?

In reflecting on if there could be hidden objectives or side effects that could inform me on what I am evolving into, I only have my recent observations to be sure of. It is hard to express, but I seem to be observing that two contradictory (perverse) tendencies. It is very subtle, but it seem to me I am becoming more and more an unwilling participant in the excessive lengths of time I sometimes feel drawn to spend in rubber, while being more and more compelled towards these aims. In this I am talking the longer sessions. The regular session that might be around 7 to 12 hours don't count here. This is just "normal living" for me whenever there is no specific reason not to be in rubber. Basically I hardly give it a thought and if I did it would be that this feels comforting, sensual and enjoyable. There is little mental challenge with me spending this length of time in total enclosure. But, when the constellation of real-world factor line up, so there is a longer period (here I am talking 24 hours+) when I can be rubber, I get a very strong feeling that I am compelled to take the opportunity, despite knowing that part of me does no longer wants to go that far. And then, when it comes time to set the time-lock, I have to fight a strong compulsion to add a considerable number of hours to whatever time I think I have available. Occasionally I fail and end up locked in when I shouldn't be (due to real-world factors). Nightmare!

Like I said, its hard to explain, but when it comes to extra-longer sessions, sometimes I both desperately want to be in rubber and also don't want to be. The initial feeling of compulsion is often so much stronger these days and yet can switch off at some point after I lock myself in. Maybe I am getting off on being compelled "against my will" [despite the conditioning probably being my own will in the first place]. A sort of bondage thing. Maybe there is a part of my mind that has had enough of multi-day sessions and another that is programmed to take every opportunity that comes along and I have "broken" my mind as the programming now in conflicts with the desire.

This does not always happen. Sometimes its easy to be in rubber. But often I am finding I am feeling more and more like I am submitting to the rubber. Quite an interesting feeling! I know that I find the idea strongly stimulating as I write this…


Monday, September 21, 2015

A Change Of Mind?

Someone asked me recently if spending so much time totally enclosed in rubber had affected my mind and thinking. I believe it has strongly affected me both physically and mentally, but will in this post I will cover the mind and my thinking. The changes to my mind is a big subject, but here is a start…

As you may have read here, my journey has been undertaken over many years now and involved manipulating habits and thinking. What started out as a useful method of using "mantras" & personal rules and rituals, evolved over time into adaptation and then conditioning to better adjust to my life in rubber. It would be true that once I saw the potential, I actually went out of my way to brain wash myself to be the way I am. A self-fulfilling TE prophecy? I think a deliberate decision was made at some point to pervert my rational mind, reasoning and even my memories of the exact route I took to get to my current rubber dependency.

I believe this "playing with my mind" was all part of supporting my journey towards my fetish ambitions, but I am sufficiently down the road now to realise that I can longer be sure of the exact route I have taken. I only really know what I believe to be the truth right now, taking into account years of conditioning and hypnosis, which itself has changed in technique and content many times over the period.

This leads to some interesting ambiguities.... the most obvious example being that I don’t really know any more why I often experience district “Rubber TE Hunger” episodes. To explain, the nature of these episodes is to experience a very sudden and very strong compulsion to be sealed in rubber and I can experience these episodes irrespective of if I am currently in "vanilla mode", or already sealed in rubber. If I am not currently in rubber, the sudden emotion results in an equally strong chain reaction in the logical part of my mind, which kicks in to work out the logistics of what I need to do to set up the circumstance that will allow me to be sealed in rubber as quickly as is practical. If I experience such an episode when I am already in rubber, the chain reaction takes a different course and feeds back a pleasurable emotional response and strong reassuring feeling of well-being. The ambiguity I mentioned can perhaps be best expressed in the question: Do I get these sudden episodes of strong feelings merely because of my general long-standing love of rubber, because of an increasing addictive appetite or as a result of my conditioning being activated by, for example, a hypnotic trigger. Luckily for me, I actually love this particular uncertainty. I do find the resulting need to be in rubber more exciting & rewarding because the driver is some unknown mix of fetish, kink, dependency, addiction or submission to my conditioning. Maybe it is specifically an essential part of my kink as I do get off on the idea that I am being forced to be totally enclosed by forces that are now beyond my control. Despite seemingly always having had a tendency to want to wear rubber, I do get a perverse pleasure out of doing everything I can to use the ideas of addiction and conditioning to give myself the feeling that I am compelled to regularly spend all day in rubber, whether I want to or not...

So, without going into all the other facets, the above leads me to believe that my experience has strongly affected my mind and thinking.

There is no question my mind has been affected by the experience, but has it had a positive or negative affect? That is an impossible one for me to convince the reader that I can answer empirically. I have only lived the life and cannot know for certain what kind of life it would be if I had controlled my urges and taken a more vanilla path. Where would my mind and thinking be now? I do not know, but wonder if there would have been more frustration in my mind. All I do know is that I feel like I am glad to have had the opportunity to walk the path I have taken, that I feel I am on the right path for moment and that I think it is a path I want to explore for at least a little longer, while I can...


Thursday, January 08, 2015

Continual Gear Improvement And Gear Question (Your Help/Suggestions Needed!)

Having spent more years than I care to admit routinely wearing rubber, I find it is easy be become complacent and just keep wearing the same-old type of rubber outfit day-in, day-out. The reason I wear rubber is as much because of the “total experience” as for the look, so have a tendency to stick to my tried-and-tested configuration. We all know wearing the “wrong” rubber items or combination can become unbearably uncomfortable within just a few hours, but over time, I have worked out much of what does and does not work for me. But that does not mean I have reached the zenith of what is possible, just that I have a combination that works for me and have just lacked motivation to meddle.

However, occasionally I find there is something that causes a spark inspiration when I discovery new motivations to try some changes. So, in the spirit of continual improvement, I have recently conducted a complete review of my "wardrobe", making my way up from the ground up.

The way my mind works is that I first work out the requirements before fixating on the solutions. I wondered what are the things that I would like to improve in my current configuration? The list informs the search for new items. Given my current outfit has “worked” for a long time, the list of improvements was actually fairly short.

The first item for improvement was “plumbing” to allow me to stay totally sealed beyond the capacity of my bladder. Here I have developed fairly good systems already, but given the current prototype items are wearing out, I have chosen a new supplier for part of the solution and will report back if/when they get round to shipping the item.

The next items for improvement relates to a fascination I have for being locked into my rubber, relieving me of my freedom of choice to “unseal”. As you may know, I have already a system in place for locking myself into my rubber Hydroglove suit (my current outer layer) and, when I have no reliable and willing assistant to act as key-holder, I use a time-lock key safe. The system uses a combination of chains, collar/straps and pad-locks to keep my safely locked in my suit. The current bondage setup works OK, in that if I get things set up correctly, I cannot remove my suit while locked. It works OK, yet I know it could be improved to remove all chances of partial removal while also make it less time-consuming and more fool-proof to administer.

The only way to remove a Hydroglove suit is to separate the top half from the bottom half. There are no zips or other ways into or out of the suit. This is good and bad. When the top and bottom are correctly worn (rolled together), the resulting combination is completely water (and air) proof. The lack of zips appeals to me for lots of other reasons too. The only real down side is that the method of rolling the two pieced together is (at first glance) difficult to secure with a lock. My suit is locked onto me at other points so I could not remove it, but up till now it has always been at least theoretically possible for me to break the seal in the middle at any point, locked or not. 

I thought it through and came up with a possible solution of how to prevent the seal being broken, once locked in. I discarded lots of ideas along the way as it is amazing how inventive you can be if you want to break free of your bonds. The possible answer turned out to be simple and I hope quick and comfortable. Over the top of the Hydroglove, I propose to wear a latex cycling-style outfit, which has a very short zip from chest to neck, which can therefore be padlocked to the locked collar that I already wear. The new outfit is being made of strong 0.6mm latex and so should make it impossible for me to gain access to the Hydroglove seal, which is rolled up at my midriff and covered with a rubber cummerbund (both the seal and cummerbund will be under the cycling-style suit).

I chose a cycling outfit for two reasons: Short legs are ideal as my “pluming” exists though a seal on my inner-thigh above my knee and secondly I wanted something with minimal zips while being easy to don. The cycling suit is being made-to-measure by a “controversial” (& cheap) supplier that I have never used before; needless to say I will report back on the results!

The third item was more of an issue….


Making my way from ground up, I have got stuck at the last hurdle - the hood.

Currently I routinely wear a Regulation of London S6 Gas Mask Hood, which comprises a gas mask bonded to a hood with a bondage collar and zip (which can be locked). I wear this over the Hydroglove hood, which has an open face. There is not a lot wrong arrangement in many ways. I am actually on my second identical hood, despite them lasting for many years with heavy use. The plus points are they are comfortable to wear (for days on end!), you can see clearly out of the lenses (which clear themselves by drawing input air over their surface), you feel completely sealed (a hand over the input port will soon have you gasping), it is very easy to lock yourself into the hood (collar with D-Rings etc) and I think they look cute!

So what are the areas for improvement? Not many! I did originally consider just buying something similar (S10 hood), but this is an opportunity for improvement and being picky, here are some points I would like to address that are as much to do with my lifestyle as the hood. I don’t expect to solve them all with a single solution; I expect I may have compromise along the way.

1. The Telephone…. I work from home much of the time and (of course!) I do this locked in rubber from head to foot. If I am in a S6, it is not possible to communicate on the telephone without it being fairly obvious that I am wearing a mask. Modern phones only make this more difficult with their high quality sound. I have tried mounting internal & external microphones etc, but the end result is I never feel confident enough to be on the phone to work when wearing my S6. Currently I get round this by partially removing the mask. When talking on the phone the hood is still locked around my neck, but the S6 is pulled away from my face slightly.  Even this level of partial removal takes a long time and I often miss calls while I struggling with my mask. Also, I am exposing my whole face while on the phone and I would prefer to minimise this to just my mouth.

2. Negative Air pressure / sleep. Gas masks inherently cause a small degree of negative air pressure as you breathe in. Most of the time, this is not a problem and even enhances the experience. However, this negative pressure is most problematic if you try to sleep in a gas mask, where any tendency to sleep apnoea is amplified. I often find wearing my S6 has a detrimental quality of my sleep. This second point about negative air pressure is only a nice-to-have consideration and far less important than the 1st point about being able to wear in at work and use a phone while keeping all the good points about the current mask.

So, in summary, I am looking for that elusive combination of comfort over long periods, practicalities especially while working in my mask and yet still have a very enclosed feeling. Here are some requirements spelt out:

(A). Ideally I would want lenses (not eye holes), which should provide a hermetic seal between my eyes and the environment and the lenses should be easy to see through all day (not fog). Short of a gas masks, this is a tall order so might have to accept a compromise here. E.g. wearing goggles over my hood (down side of which is they will not be locked on).

(B). I want to be to lock into the hood at the collar (or collar zip) as this is part of the system for locking on the rest of the suit.

(C). While locked in, I may need system to allow me to quickly remove the tubes (or mask) from my mouth so that I can communicate clearly on the phone. It want to be able to only uncover the bare minimum for phone conversations.

(D). To enhance the totally sealed in feeling, I still want to be able to fit on a tube or mask to the hood so that I am totally sealed in when required, with air coming in just via tube and/or filter. The icing on the cake would be if this last element could be locked on to the rest of the hood after work hours.

(E). The hood should feel as sealed in as possible, especially when the breathing apparatus is attached, while remaining comfortable for long periods (occasionally 24 hours+). A bit or breath-play with a rebreather is always a fun distraction…

(F). A nice to have would be obscured eyes (e.g. mirrored lenses), to complete the anonymous look.

(G). Ideas to address sleep apnoea while wearing my hood/mask are welcome. I have prototyped positive pressure ideas, but they have not been totally successful.

I have looked at StudioGum, Demask, Rubber’s Finest… and lots of other suppliers and yet despite their high price tag, I am not 100% sure they will be comfortable & practical every-day wear. I suspect many will fog their lenses, not provide the 100% sealed that you get with a gas mask or become very uncomfortable after a few hours (I already have an old Demask “PSYCLO HOOD” that manages to get 3 out of 3!).

Maybe there is a reason I have always stuck to gas-mask based hoods! They are difficult to beat!

One thing that gives me some hope is that (years ago) I did go through a phase of wearing a cocoon bondage helmet (small openings for eyes, nose and mouth & long collar) with goggles and a mask. While this was one the most conformable items I have worn, I never found a mask that I could wear over the hood to covered mouth/nose that really adequately worked for me while remaining comfortable.

The search continues. Suggestions welcomed.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Opportunity For An Experiment During A Slight Longer Session

This year, in addition to taking advantage of every day where I am able to work in rubber, I am also aiming to have a few extra-long sessions being locked in rubber total enclosure (my favourite treat!). My recent session did not allow as much time as I would have liked, but even this had been a long time in the planning. I had also had spent time considered how I might make best use of the opportunity of a longer period totally encased in rubber. This is the log of how it turned out.

0 hour

Just completed my slightly more elaborate total enclosure dressing after a few modifications which required a several hours of prep this evening.

Over the years, I have been trying develop "personal plumbing" solutions to facilitate natural functions without any compromise to total enclosure for the entire duration of a session. This is more difficult than you would think as the solution must remain comfortable, functional and acceptably hygienic throughout the long sessions. Over the last few months I think I am close to a solution that will work for longer sessions, but although I have worn it many times, so far I have only tested it for up to about 8 hours duration.

The idea of this session is to go little bit further than previous sessions. In this case, be even more totally sealed in that previously and more self-contained. With the personal plumbing, there will not be even the slightest break in my total enclosure for a pee break. Certainly there are no zippers or any openings in my outfit. I will am totally sealed air-tight for the duration with no compromises.

As it will involve new arrangements of rubber in sensitive areas, I am not thinking of breaking any new endurance records. In the past, I have occasionally made myself VERY sore while trying out new rubber arrangements which were fine for anything up to 8 hours, but became uncomfortable after ~20 hours and close to unbearable after 36 hours! So the modest aim is for 18 hours, which although it might turn out to be challenging, is a target I feel should not leave me uncomfortable for long if things do not work out well.

To keep me on track and keep things feeling intense, I am going for some comprehensive self-bondage so I am locked into rubber head to foot, complete with time-lock. There is nothing quite like being locked in for the duration! Knowing that to enjoy the experience and not have it turned into a living hell, you have to pace yourself. And also knowing, that even if you don't manage to pace yourself, your still in there for the duration, no matter how much you want out - like it or not!

Again, the time lock idea has become almost routine this year, but usually only for sessions of 7 or so hours. So although I am acclimatised to being locked in rubber all day, doubling the duration of this session will surely make this a totally different experience. Potentially it could get very challenging but equally it could be very satisfying.

When I have been able to get the pace right and acclimation to the experience, it has become very magical. When things go well, the first 7 to 10 hours is intensely stimulating, but something special seems to happen after this, where I seem to experience a transition to a sexually more subtle but strongly sensual existence. Having said that, every long session has the potential to be a totally unique experience, occasionally ending with being desperate for escape – but maybe this is half the charm? So here we go again!

+2 Hours

It’s been a very long day of travelling and then fine tuning my suit and plumbing.
I have set time lock now, so total time I will be forced to be total sealed in rubber will be 18 hours minimum.

I am shattered and its time for some rest soon. As part of the session, I will be sleeping the night in rubber. This is often challenging, especially when breathing through a respirator mask…

+9 hours

I had a reasonable night sleep last night, when considering that I was totally enclosed, but I did have a few episodes of sleep apnoea which woke me up with a start. This seems to be due to the slight negative pressure while breathing through my S6 gas mask, which is bonded to my rubber hood (and locked on). Despite this, my sleep breathing these days is much better than was in the early days when I started sleeping in this mask. Practice obviously helps.

I still feeling very comfortable in my rubber, dry and no real pinch points or pressure points. This is despite my more intricate rubber plumbing arrangements, which inherently are more challenging to wear than just my plain suit. I am only 10 hours in, but the early signs are good. Actually, to say I am comfortable is an understatement. I feel totally fab! I feel so at home and relieved to be sealed in my rubber skin. At the moment, it just feels like the perfect state to be in.

To explain my adaptions to my normal daily total enclosure suit: I have a hydration system which feeds me fluid nutrition via a narrow plastic pipe and I have plumbing to take urine away. I do not have anything for solid wastes and am relying on Loperamide to temporarily decrease intestinal movement (and just in case, a butt plug for the duration!).

The urine system consists of 3 layers of rubber under-garments. The innermost are Cocoon sheath pants, complete with a small but plug. The tip of the sheath is cut off to allow fluid out, and its main purpose is to form a comfortable rubber layer between skin and the next layer. Over this I wear a shaped tube of ABS made from plastic plumbing (it is a sawn-off section of part of sink waste trap / u-bend). The shape is similar to some male chastity devices, but a little longer and open ended. When worn it curves out from the body and then downwards. The ABS tube is kept in place with a second pair of rubber sheath pants over the tube, again open tipped to allow fluids to escape with gravity.

Over all this I wear a third pair of latex pants. Sold as “pissing pants”, they are a pair of briefs with (effectively) a collector bag made of clear latex attached at the groin with a drain tube at the lowest point. (for a picture of a very similar pair, see http://shop.marquis.de/en/534-pisshose-fur-damen.html).

Really they are intended to be worn by women. When worn by a man, although everything fits into the bag easily, it becomes impossible to have a “conventional” erection, as everything is held in a downwards direction. When worn by me over my other layers, it holds my ABS tube very firmly in place on my rubber sheathed penis and provides a collection system for my urine to drain away via a small bore rubber tube. Meanwhile the inner layers keep me clean in a dry latex layer and away from the wet plastic and rubber of the outer layers.

The whole idea did start out partly as an experiment in chastity too. In reality my adaption is not a true chastity system but is both a turn on and partial inhibitor for me. The origin of the tube idea was from a suggestion by Ataraxia (IAR founder) who employs a similar system. Having my penis held by this ultra-strong but wide tube (while wearing rubber sheath beneath) is very noticeable all the time and quite a turn on most of the time. Then it strongly prevents a “conventional” upwards erection with what feels like a cast iron grip. This is slightly uncomfortable at first, but (perversely) can become a turn-on for me. There is enough movement in the whole thing for it to become possible to work up a stimulating stroke, but it does take a lot more work and slight discomfort to get beyond first base and get to climax. The results tend to be a cycle between stimulating and comfortable semi-hard state and a fully hard deliciously uncomfortable non-erect “erection”. The more erect, the more difficult it is to experience stimulation and this coupled with the slight discomfort tends to plateau things for a while before repeating the cycle.

I have tried out the arrangement many times on shorter sessions, but of course I am worried such an extreme arrangement could become a major nightmare before my 18+ hours are up. Watch this space!

+17.5 hours

Before long, the time lock will expire and I then I will be free to exit my suit. As it is, I am keen to do this, but only because of unfortunate “real world” pressures and nothing to do with my rubber encasement, which I wish I had time to continue and enjoy. As it is, there are things on my mind that would spoil the experience if I did attempt to stay in here much longer.

So am I still comfortable? The over-simple answer is a qualified “yes”. I have successfully avoided overheating/sweating for the entire time and I am fairy dry. In general, my skin feels in good shape and the rubber still feels very comfortable against my skin. There is no soreness, pressure points or pinching that is causing me any major discomfort. That said, “comfortable” is a subjective term and what I find comfortable in the context of a long total-rubber enclosure session may include aspect which might be described in other contexts (or by others) as less than ideal.

I have to admit there is a small amount of pinching in the area of my waist where 5 layers of rubber meet (3 under-garments for the plumbing and the point where top & bottom of my Hydroglove dry-suit seal together). I think this could be improved with a little attention during the dressing stage, but from my perspective it is perfectly tolerable and I estimate it would not have become a cause for concern until sometime 24+ hours into a session.

The butt plug certainly makes its presence known when I wear it for such long periods, despite is small size. Having said that, there was a time when it would have been almost intolerable after just a few hours. Now the plug is a bitter-sweet presence that serves to remind me of my totally sealed, invaded and locked-in status. It does make it difficult or even impossible to concentrate for more than a few minutes on anything other than my fetish situation – which has become a little difficult to cope with after 17 hours when I am trying to find time complete some non-fetish actions.

As an aside, for those considering a similar plugged experience, make sure u consider your diet for a good period before a long plugged session. Being plugged means that there can be a significant build-up of gas over that amount to time, which can be uncomfortable as the plug makes it totally impossible to pass wind…

My mask/hood combination is again tolerable, but not 100% comfortable. There is just a little too much pressure here and there, especially on the temples. I think the nutrition/hydration system add-on is not helping, with the pipe pushing things a little out of shape. I think I will be looking out for a new hood/mask with hydration system built-in. On the subject of hydration, I think the nutrition mix did work very well, but it did leave my mouth feeling a little sticky so may reduce the glucose element next time.

And then there is the question of the personal plumbing. It would be very inaccurate for me to claim that having my penis firmly held in a downward shape by rubber and hard ABS plastic when it is trying to become erect is actually “comfortable”. Looking at it literally, it can better be described as uncomfortable. This is particular inaccurate when approaching/achieving climax and yet, perversely, I can also find it stimulating to have the natural progression to erect stance tamed. Even when not fighting an erection (which was rare today!), it is still a noticeably odd and incarcerating sensation. In all circumstances, everything (cock & balls) are very much held firmly in place with an uncompromising and inescapable grip. However even after all this time there is no chaffing or soreness, although I think this is a marginal thing and relied on good lubrication with two separate grades of lube (thin silicone oil and thicker silicone grease). I think it will take more experiments and refinements before I could be confident that, say, 24 hours plus would not cause any issues.

+18 hours

From a plumbing perspective, the session is a total success. With exception to air coming via my respirator, fluid entering via nutrition system and waste fluid leaving by my urination plumbing, I have managed to stay 100% totally sealed in rubber for the entire time, which I think is a good achievement and not easy, even if it was for just a 18 hour session. This is, of course the most satisfying and stimulating side of it for me and now the time has come I am dreading having to break the seal at the same time that I highly driven to strip off my rubber in order to be able to deal with my non-fetish commitments. I feel so safe and at home in my rubber skin and yet I know I want to remove my rubber in order to deal with the “real world” in what will quickly feel like an alien environment without the protection and support of my hermetic rubber seal. Ironically, I know that within just a few hours I will be counting the minutes before I can be sealed back up again. Desperate for total enclosure.

I admit, I feel out of balance. Right now, I need to be out of my rubber: I need more time out of rubber to deal with things, yet I need also strongly feel I need to somehow work towards allocating much more time being in rubber. Such a strong feeling of dilemma: I have got it bad!